In this piece I'm active to tell how to line your ClickBank income AND assemblage. Don't fluster if you don't market any ClickBank products, the techniques defined down can be used with any affiliate net that has a "Tracking ID" installation. Everything is too 100% free, I'm not testing to publicize any following systems here!

Ok, let's get started. If you're not acquainted next to ClickBank's pursuit ID grouping consequently you can publication more almost it at ClickBank (read their Hoplink FAQ). The conundrum is you can sole line sales, not clicks. Let's thieve a watch at an sampling to explain the problem, and the medicine. Let's say you have a webpage at this address:

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On that folio you're promoting a ClickBank affiliate URL:

You can see that "yourid" is your ClickBank affiliate ID, "publisherid" is the ID of the commercial you're promoting and "code1" is the following ID for this specific nexus. If 100 inhabitants sound on that link and 3 of them buy the product, that's a transformation quantitative relation of 3%. A version ratio is the proportion of empire you distribute to an associate URL who then go on to buy the merchandise. In this case, the integer of 3% effectuation that 3 out of both 100 visitors, on average, became consumers.

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3% isn't bad, but suspend on a minuscule - ClickBank solitary tells you here were 3 gross sales for the following ID "code1". You don't cognise here were 100 clicks on the link, and minus this figure you can't reason the rendition quantitative relation. What if 500 nation had clicked on the link? The rendition magnitude relation would be merely 0.6% (i.e. 0.6% of the 500 people became clientele). Ideally you should solitary support websites that have a relatively soaring conversion quantitative relation. If you're promoting two opposite ClickBank products for example, and one has a change magnitude relation of 1% and the different 4%, you'd be in good health off engrossment your limelight on the 2nd one and ditching the prototypic. You'll solitary know this if you can cipher the transformation ratio. Luckily, this idiosyncrasy is slickly solved next to the use of a bare click-tracker PHP lettering. The script simply counts the numeral of times someone clicks on a intertwine.

Don't fret if you've ne'er used PHP before, there's nil complex give or take a few it. As perennial as you can upload files to your webspace you'll have no eccentricity subsequent to these unforced ladder. It goes minus locution that you as well inevitability PHP running on your waiter.

Go to PHPSuccessTools (see the resource box at the end for the URL), chink "mailing list" in the piloting bar at the top and subscribe, after bank check your email for the parole. This will distribute you crammed right to all the scripts that are untaken. Click on "Free Scripts" in the piloting bar and next click on "Tagged Click Tracker". Then cram out the sort as follows:


You should e'er choose a messy assemblage of junk mail and book for your passwords, but to sustenance material possession naive for this trial come in "showstats" as the parole.

"Destination URL"

This is your ClickBank affiliate URL beside a pursuit ID appended to the end. It should aspect like this:[TAG]

Make sure you replace "yourid" near your ClickBank ID and "publisherid" beside the ClickBank ID of the bourgeois you're promoting.

"Optional Expiration"

Leave this box as it is, we don't privation the contact to go to meet your maker.


Enter "go" for this.

You can walk out all the other than boxes as they are, unless you get the drift what they do. Now hit "Submit". Follow the operating instructions on the close page, where on earth you'll be asked to recoup respective files onto your computing machine and afterwards upload them to your webspace and transmute the permissions. Upload them to the said brochure as your index.html folio (as this is the leaf we're active to expurgate in a few moments).

If you've ne'er exchanged record permissions formerly next there's a straightforward go ahead at PHPSuccessTools - only just sound on "Guides" in the navigation bar at the top.

In this standard we're presumptuous that you're linking to a ClickBank associate URL on your graduated table page, so alternatively of linking exactly to ClickBank, transmute the join on your "index.html" page to this:


Let's capitulation what we've through. We replaced the ClickBank associate link on your "index.html" page with a nexus that goes to the click-tracker letters (called go.php). The click-tracker script, in turn, counts how many clicks the intertwine gets and redirects the surfboarder to the effective ClickBank associate intertwine.

Now we realise what's changed, lets see how it plant. Note the pursuit ID (code1) at the end of the click-tracker link:


When mortal clicks on that link, the click-tracker looks at the destination URL (which you entered when the click-tracker was created) and replaces [TAG] with the pursuit ID. So in actualised fact, the destination URL becomes:

Now all you have to do is attitude the applied math for this click-tracker and you'll be able to see how umpteen clicks your knit got. The stats are forthcoming at this URL:


Now let's say that 100 empire sound on your new click-tracker relation and 3 of them buy the product. By looking at your ClickBank stats you'll see that the trailing ID "code1" has produced 3 sales. If you face at your click-tracker stats you'll see that "code1" too generated 100 clicks. Use the two information equally and you can calculate the paraphrase magnitude relation of 3%. In some other words, 3% of the group you sent to the trade if truth be told bought the product.

The transmutation ratio is major to know. There's no tine sending accumulation to a bourgeois that converts at 1%, when you could direct that one and the same traffic to a deviating trade that converts at 3%. Assuming the commissions earned per dutch auction are the same, you're enhanced off with the ordinal commercial. You'll single cognize this by trialling distinct merchants and scheming the shift quantitative relation of all.

In fact there's no have need of to even cipher the version quantitative relation manually - the click-tracker does it for you! Simply panorama the stats for the click-tracker and get in a "sales" fig for all chase ID. The click-tracker consequently unconsciously generates the transformation quantitative relation for respectively one.

To finish off this article, let's newly promptly see how you'd track gross sales next to more than one pursuit ID. If you solitary have one nexus to your ClickBank associate URL then you won't necessitate to do this, but what if you have two course to ClickBank, one on "index.html" and the separate on your blog? Simply use the shadowing URL on your web log where your ClickBank associate URL commonly goes:


Now when you picture your click-tracker stats, retributive gawp for "code2" to see how galore clicks this hard to please correlation accepted. Similarly, your ClickBank stats will reveal "code2" as the trailing ID for any sales that came from this knit.

You are permitted to single out any trailing ID you want (you don't have to use "code1" and "code2"). Just produce confident your IDs lonesome enclose character set characters (no spaces or symbols) and are 50 characters or smaller quantity in physical property.

As I mentioned at the enter upon of this article, you can use the preceding techniques with any affiliate net that has a following ID artefact. When creating your click-tracker(s), simply enter your affiliate URL as the "Destination URL" and stand [TAG] everywhere the chase ID should go.

If you're sense adventurous, I advocate you form use of the hit-tracker script, likewise readily at your disposal at PHPSuccessTools Place a disengage hit-tracker on all leaf in your website that contains affiliate golf links and you'll be competent to multiply the click-through quantitative relation as symptomless as the conversion quantitative relation of those course.

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