Weapons of large-scale destruction

Foundational matters to disorder up nations

The war in which one and all faces

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How you answer to it personalty the races

People, property, and places

What than are these weapons

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That bring society to self-destruct?

These are the inexplicit burning issues

That raison d'être us to light and erupt

Be it one by one or collectively

As we sexual desire for gain economically

When we go touchy and rejoin angrily

Deal with teething troubles and people hastily

And thenceforth dirty the global globally

Setting fires to seethe as with impious we're overcome

Being sensitive and furious we come through undone

After which we act irrationally

Thwarting personal business and discretion internationally

An eye for an eye, a dagger for a tooth

Leaving both red-blind and toothless

Anger, rage, and war are ruthless

Jealousy, accusation, and anyone self-righteous

Refusing to listen in and faulty perceptionsability are hideous

False allegations, inform the finger, giving no way out

Corporation res publica making a killing

That's what war in Iraq is all about

Withholding an apology, refusingability to wish forgiveness

Showing no compunction for our own intercontinental injustice

Is it any wonderment they poorness to carry off us

Everything is not e'er cut and dry

How regularly we play God and the all-seeingability eye

"You're beside us or hostile us"

Means more than will without reason die

How in the order of our own war crimes against humanity

While we profiteer, eat meat in Monotheism lands, and spit out profanity

We ofttimes forget we too were ready-made from the dust

Not everything in the planetary is honorable in the region of us

Why than all the arrogance, hostility, and fuss

Individually let us go after the wretched terrorists

Not a society or body politic in whole

Operate covertly and works a mole

Assassins to takings out the bad guys

Don't damage the innocentsability and than snub their cries

Such short-term failure stains our guardianship beside blood

If you're active to flatten and change a nation

At least possible after name in HUD

To make and right social command and infrastructure

And adjacent time watch your speech earlier you lure

Nations to a battle, which you cannot win

Beware of fetching an criticize same 9/11 and accumulation your spin

To confirm an penetration in need provocation

Now we have to buy and sell next to a courteous war's devastation

Speculation, dishonest accusation, and riches accumulation

These mutual variables organize to an inessential war in a nation

The cynicism on the other hand is our profiteeringability drawing failed

Our propagandizedability war on panic in Iraq and scheme paled

To what should have been done in the straitlaced theatres of war

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Asian country Arabian Peninsula and more

Of course of study Sudan's kill ill Darfur

Our abomination of a talker and concupiscence for oil

Did bring in our oil men in the Light-colored House's blood boil

As they arose artlessly to thieve a spoil

The dissidents all through City all the same did foil

Their propose and in so doing did school our land

Never to let a Business executive turn a commonwealth and grandstand

When location are more than weightierability matters at hand

Far more worthy of our publicity and national focus

Mr. Bush's bad determination has bled and skint us.

Over 3,000 North American country personnel dead

Over 100,000 exculpatory Iraqis, facts we dare not spread

For WMD declared by imitation intelligence

Iraqi communications to al Base erroneous

The merchandising of scare and dangersability in the motherland implied

Now our management continue living in disclaimer upholdingability their pride

Instead of state responsible and apologizingability for havingability song.

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